Online Ordering for Restaurants & Takeaways

Global online food ordering will expand to €380 billion by 2030.

Grow your business with the market leading online ordering solution.

Entity Retail Solutions in partnership with Flipdish offers the following digital ordering solutions for your restaurant or takeaway:

  • Branded Website

Giving you more direct orders

  • Branded Apps

Your brand in your customers pocket

  • QR Code Order & Pay

Drive up your order value and boost operational efficiency

  • Self Service Kiosks

Reduce customer wait times, while increasing basket size

Gain control of your business

With your own branded website and app, your customers can order direct from your business -avoid the high commissions associated with aggregators.

Communicate with customers

Create direct relationships with your customers and own your own data. Reward loyal customers or activate messaging features to invite customers back if they haven’t ordered in a while.

Grow your business

Flipdish’s dedicated Customer Success team will help you interpret customer data, develop marketing plans, and help your business grow.  

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